What to Expect

Prairie Community Baptist is a small congregation. We, currently, enjoy what some would call old fashioned music. Yes, we sing the old, slow hymns. We are not against newer music, we just do not have access to people that play music. We choose not to depend on YouTube or other worldly, distracting offers. For now, we are content and enjoy specials that come along.

Our congregation does not, currently, have children’s programs. This is not because we don’t have materials or desire. It is only because we do not have any family’s with young children, attending. We are quite sure that when GOD brings the children, HE will, also, bring the ability to address the needs we have to teach them.

We, usually, offer a bulletin with the order of our service. This is not to dictate how the Holy Spirit will lead but to give a sense of direction for those who need it. Prayer requests are encouraged to be shared with the congregation. Our message time is recognize by a challenge from GOD’S Word and often is interactive, requiring congregants to read portions and even respond with brief comments, at the end of the challenge. We do not record messages for this reason.

If you feel like a cast away, because of your past sin, this is the place for you. If you have been hurt or abused by a person, who says they love GOD, come here to find healing and find the true love and peace of GOD. Our congregation is not made up of perfect people. It is made up of people loved perfectly by Jesus, who want to love others because of our personal relationship with Christ Jesus.