HE Laid the Foundations

He laid the foundations...Hebrews 1:10-12

He brings down the proud rulers of this world. Luke 1:51-52

He created and gives power for His purpose. Colossians 1:15

His anger will destroy every evil thing. Job 4:9

Nothing is hid from God. Isaiah 40:22-28

The LORD has laid the foundation for all things we know. Those who do not accept GOD as all powerful and the answer to life's questions are left hanging and hopeless. Think if one went all the way back to when there was nothing. No earth, no light, no universe existed. What then? For when no thing existed, GOD did and is the best explanation for anything because we all know that no thing is made of nothing. Then the purpose of making something becomes very relevant. 

Here, is where we find GOD laying the foundations, the why and how it works of creation. This power of knowing and creating then, also, extends to control. Yes, GOD is involved everyday. HE is controlling where power is and who gets power. The politics surrounding us does not need to encroach on our relationship with GOD. The power of earthly man cannot touch the inmost part of us. We are drawn to GOD in a way that no man has power over. The power leaders of this world are designated by GOD for His purpose. So when it seems like our leaders are defying God with every executive action and policy, we can know that GOD is still in control. Jesus had Judas to bring the best plan into place. 

GOD will bring down the proud and haughty leaders. Our cries of oppression are heard by the LORD. See in the Old Testament, where the LORD reduced Nebuchadnezzar to grazing like a beast for his pride and arrogance. GOD holds those of power to higher standards. GOD has established an order and it hardly matters if those in high places want to recognize this order. When it comes to power this is GOD’S plan. It is a pattern that exist between GOD and man then affecting every relationship connected to that person. 

The way that our leaders will affect the way our country and society moves in its relationship with GOD should be of utmost importance to us. Whenever we have opportunity to encourage leaders that are faithful to GOD we should do it. We should pray that the truth about candidates for office will be revealed before election. The candidates relationship with GOD should be evident in their living, if it is not, question the direction they will lead, toward or away from GOD. Our pledge says we are one nation under GOD. So our living should look like we are all under GOD. We should always be involved with the politics of our nation but the final say is up to GOD. HE knows His plan.

GOD’S holy anger will destroy every evil thing. We may feel frustrated when we see the evil that permeates everything. So many of our leaders feign religious convictions but when they must take a hard stand, they crumble. There is no resolve because their adoration for GOD is superficial, it's not real. The consequences of offending our righteous GOD are not believable to them because they believe themselves powerful and above the laws that govern those below them. GOD does not hold them unaccountable for those laws and policies that are made causing us to inadvertently support activities against GOD.

Do not fear, nothing is hid from GOD and HE will have the final say. We have, recently, learned that Planned Parenthood largely supported with tax dollars has been selling parts of unborn, butchered babies. This was a hidden fact. I'd venture that public money is being used to fund a host of hidden atrocities that are blatantly contrary to GOD’S character and nature. It's enough to cause great alarm in those that fear GOD.

We know HIS power and we know that GOD is sorely displeased with our nation. We can feel HIS anger swelling and we feel powerless, sometimes even angry, that our voices are soundless. We, also, know that HE is loving, faithful, merciful and forgiving. Wait on the LORD, HE will save you. HE laid the foundation of the earth and our nation. HE does not forget and the Revelation is that HE will win!

Mickey Kyler